This Week's Talk

Time: 15:30 03/12/2008

Venue: SCT909, Science Tower.


Topic: Regulation of HOG1 function and localization.

Speaker:Chuihui CAI




Welcome to CMTBL at HKBU

Research in our lab focuses on theoretical and computational aspects of condensed matter and biological systems, particularly from a statistical mechanics view point. We are interested in quantitative modeling and analysis of large scale properties of these systems, such as ordering and fluctuations, from a given set of interactions at the microscopic/molecular level. Increasingly, our fascination is shifting towards living organisms, where complexity rules and intelligent organization holds the key to fitness maximization. By combining genome-wide, high-throughput data with quantitative modeling that implements the relevant biophysical and biochemical constraints, we hope to gradually develop an appreciation of Nature's design plan for life forms, starting from unicellular organisms E. coli and S. cerevisiae.

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